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Can you help me decide if I need physical therapy or health & wellness coaching?

In general, if you are having pain, weakness, or other specific symptom, this would require physical therapy treatment. If you are not looking for specific treatment but are more interested in reaching health goals, disease prevention, stress management, or general lifestyle education, this would fall under health & wellness coaching.

What makes you different than traditional outpatient physical therapy?

Physical therapy will look & feel quite different at Elevate Health. While Dr. Skaw still practices within a physical therapist’s scope, there will be greater emphasis on lifestyle and behavior modification, neuroscience education to help your brain "unlearn" the pain pathways, stress reduction, and mind body skills training. We are looking to partner with you, not “fix” you. We will guide you toward balance and it will be up to you to do the work (as healing is in our own hands)! 


What can I expect at my first visit? 

Prior to your first visit, please create an account with PTeverywhere and complete the initial forms. Plan to arrive at your first visit on-time & with these forms completed. This will allow us to get started right away. Much of the hour-long first visit will be spent sharing your story. This will help Dr. Skaw decide how she might best be able to help you. More than likely, there will be time at the end to initiate any indicated treatment & provide initial recommendations for management. Together, you will create targeted goals that you are hoping to accomplish during your time at Elevate Health. Please wear comfortable clothing.


What can I expect at my follow up visits?

After your initial visit, Dr. Skaw will have taken the time to come up with an individualized plan to provide you with tools & treatments that will best suit your needs. Follow up visits are 60-minutes in length & will likely include addressing the following areas: stress, sleep, movement, connection to others, eating habits, & education on pain and what fuels vs. reduces it. Each session will include experientials to go along with education, will begin with a brief check-in, and will conclude with a body scan and/or mindfulness meditation at the end.



How many sessions should I expect to have for physical therapy or health coaching?

For both services, the number can vary, but will commonly be between 3-6 visits. For the best results, sessions should usually occur once per week or once every other week. Since this is a partnership, Dr. Skaw will always keep an open dialogue with you about your expectations, progress, and recommendations and decisions will be made together.


Do I need a referral or script to come see you for physical therapy?

You may see us for a PT evaluation and subsequent treatment for up to 21 days or 10 visits without a referral. Please note, however, that Michigan Law requires a referral after that time or visit number. Your referral can come from the following providers: MD’s, DO’s, physician’s assistants, nurse practitioners, or a dentist.

Do I need a referral or script to come see you for health & wellness coaching?

No, you do not need a referral or script for health & wellness coaching. 

How do I enter the BeWell mqt building?

If you are capable and if it is safe for you to do a step, please enter at the 204 W. Ohio (side) entrance. There will be a sign on the door and a waiting room inside. If you are unable to or if it would be unsafe for you to climb a step, please enter using the ramp at the main entrance. You may wait in whichever waiting area you've entered and Dr. Rachel will greet you there. 

Is your facility accessible for people in wheelchairs or for people who cannot climb up a step?

Yes. Please use the ramp at the front entrance. Once inside, someone will help you to a room where you will have your session(s). We would appreciate it if you could let us know ahead of time so that Rachel will know where to come and greet you and get an appropriate room ready for you. Thanks!

Where should I park?

BeWell mqt is conveniently located on Third St. in Marquette. There is street parking only. Please note that there is a two-hour time limit to park on Third St. and they strongly enforce this limit.

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